Pinup, Retro & Vintage Shopping

Hello Lovely Pinups,

Firstly I must apologise as I’ve been a little bit behind on my blogs recently. I have a lot of catching up to do. The last month has been unexpectedly busy!vintage_vogue_1940s

Due to a number of lovely emails asking where I shop for my vintage dresses I thought I would put together a little list of websites that I purchase some of my outfits from (but don’t worry the Makeup Blog will be back next week). These websites & stores are where I find some of my vintage treasures. I’ve only listed some of my favourites as I couldn’t possibly give away all my little shopping spots. So here goes……

Reproduction Vintage & Pinup:


Reproduction Vintage Lingerie

Hair Flowers & Hats:

Costumiers & Burlesque:

3490302691_edd97a4fceTips & Tricks for Finding Real Vintage

When you are shopping for the real deal vintage pieces remember to be persistent, as you may not always find what you are looking for right away. Vintage shopping really is like the thrill of the chase so don’t give up! Unlike vintage reproduction clothing, genuine vintage pieces are now one-off items & don’t necessarily match todays sizing charts. Therefore be prepared, have a little card in your purse with your bust & waist measurements on it. Doing this will save you time rather than attempting to work out the size. Always keep your eyes peeled for one-off vintage items as you never know what you may find. I have found some of my most treasured vintage dresses by simply stopping by my local vintage stores on a lazy Sunday. If you feel comfortable doing so make yourself known to vintage stores. Ask the vintage store if they can let you know if any items come into the store that match your style. Most vintage stores are more than happy to do this. As we all come in many shapes & sizes it is helpful to find yourself a seamstress or tailor that you trust & who understands how delicate vintage clothing is. Having a trusted seamstress or tailor make adjustments to your vintage pieces will ensure you can wear them comfortably & enjoy them without hiding them away in a wardrobe.

Happy Shopping!

Miss Ruby Ribbons x


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