Beautiful Blushing Pin-Up Cheeks

Hello Lovely Pinups,

There is nothing quite like a touch of blush or a dab of pink to finish off your beautiful Vintage Inspired Makeup look. A little goes a long way when it comes to applying & perfecting blush, but lucky for us ladies applying blush isn’t too hard at all.AP1338-blush-rose-cosmetics-advert-1949

There are a few types of Blushers available. Powder & Creme Blushers are the most readily available. However for Vintage inspired Makeup Powder Blusher tends give the desired effect of a much smoother & blended finish. But of course if Creme Blusher is what you prefer to use then by all means go ahead & use what works best for you.

Oh the Choices!

Just like the shade of your foundation, it is essential that you choose a shade of Blusher that compliments your beautiful skin tone. Blusher is designed to accent your stunning cheeks, add definition to your face & leave you perfectly glowing!

Here is a little tip to keep in mind when you are selecting that perfect shade of Blusher; If you have a pale skin tone use a deeper or more pigmented shade of pink, peach or coral (but avoid red shades). If you have a deeper or more tanned skin tone then select less pigmented or lighter shades of peaches or deep pinks. These shades will highlight your cheek bones & enhance your natural skin tone.

If you are in doubt as to what colour to select, make a fist with your hand, squeeze tightly  for approximately ten seconds, then release. Look at the colour of your fingertips. This is the colour of blusher you should aim for. It sounds awfully silly but it works a treat every time.

Which Brush for the Blush?

Using a good quality brush made from natural fibers is the best option. These types of brushes are much softer on your skin & are less likely to lose bristles on your beautifully perfected makeup. If you have naturally angular cheek bones like I do then it is best to use a round shaped Blusher Brush, as this will soften your cheeks. If you have naturally softer or less prominent cheek bones it is best use a slanted or angular Blusher Brush. Doing so will create extra definition to your cheeks with little to no effort.

Let the Colour Begin

Once you have applied your foundation &  powder it is then time to apply your Blusher. If possible apply your blusher in natural light rather than in artificial lighting. Artificial lightening can sometimes distort the colour & intensity of your makeup.

  1. Ensure that you Blusher Brush is clean & free from any previous Blusher build up.
  2. If you are using a rounded brush gently & lightly rub the brush over the Blusher Pan in a circular motion. If you are using an angled or slanted Brush gently and lightly run the Brush from the top to the bottom of the Blusher Pan. Less is always more when it comes to Makeup. To begin with always use as little blush as possible. You can always go back to add more later.
  3. Once you have Blusher on the Brush gently tap the handle of the Brush against your wrist to remove any excess Blusher. You will be surprised at just how much excess Blusher falls away.
  4. Look directly into the mirror & smile with your lips pressed together. Doing so will allow the apples of your cheeks to become more visible. This is now your guide for where to dust your Blusher. The location & direction in which you apply your blusher will depend greatly on your face shape. Be careful not to create a solid line or block of colour  when applying your Blusher. Step back from the mirror to ensure each cheek is even. Add any extra colour if needed.
    • Round Face Shape: Avoid applying Blusher onto the apples of your cheeks. Instead contour your face by sweeping the blush up & along your cheek bone until you reach your hairline.
    • Square Face Shape: Sweep your Blusher below your cheekbone & straight back towards your ear.
    • Oblong Face Shape: Sweep your Blusher ever so slightly above the apples of your cheeks & out towards the your hairline. 
    • Oval Face Shape: Oval Faces are the most even in shape therefore the application of your Blusher can vary somewhat. Apply your blusher in a sweeping motion either on the apples of your cheeks or along the cheek bones.
    • Heart Face Shape: Apply your Blusher in sweeping motions just below the apples of your cheeks & blend downwards towards your ear.
  5. Once you are happy with the application & colour of your Blusher. Take a round Powder Brush that is free from Powder & gently buff the edges of your Blusher. Doing this will allow your blush to blend flawlessly into your foundation to create a natural finish.
An example of Face Shapes & the Application of Blusher

An example of Face Shapes & the Application of Blusher

NOTE: If you have applied too much blusher by mistake, don’t worry. Take a cotton pad & gently rub it across the top of your Pressed Powder Pan. Then dab over the top of your Blusher. Gently buff out with your clean Powder Brush. No one will ever know the difference.

A Blushing Pinup Doll

Traditionally in Vintage Inspired Makeup & especially so in Pin-Up Makeup the middle of the cheek or apples of the cheeks are a slightly more of an intensive colour in comparison to the rest of the cheeks. It’s completely up to you if you wish to do this or not.

To create these Pin-Up cheeks follow the below step:

  1. After blending & buffing your blusher, take a small round Brush & dab two or three times into your Blusher Pan, tap off excess & gently dab the brush over the first ¾ of where you started your blush from (this starting point will depend on your face shape). Buff out towards your ear with a clean Powder Brush.

As with all my Makeup Products I tend to mix & match as the mood strikes, so below is a list of some of my current favorite products for creating my Blushing Pinup Cheeks:

Lancome Slanted Highlighting/Blush Brush
Mac Round Powder Brush
MAC High Lighter/Blush Brush
Dior Kabuki Brush (For blending & buffing)
NARS Blush in Desire (For Pinup Cheeks)
Clarins Cream Blush in Deep Pink (Not aviable in Australia or NZ)
MAC Pro Longer Powder Blush in Whole Lotta (Pink)
Benefit Cosmetics Brightening Blush in Bella Bumba (Peachy Pink Shade)
Dior Blush Glowing Powder in A Touch of Blush
Lancome Shimmer Glow Blush in Peach Shine (Limited Edition, not sure if still available)
Dior Translucent Pressed Setting Powder
Clarins Shine Stopper Translucent Powder (For blending & buffing) 


It is always a lovely delight to receive all your Makeup questions & lovely emails. I’m a little behind on the creation of the Miss Ruby Ribbons Website, however once it is up & running it will be a great deal easier to submit questions & follow the blog.

Thanks for your wonderful support & if you have any questions regarding the application of Blusher please feel free to let me know via email or on the Miss Ruby Ribbons Facebook Page.

Bye for now! 

Miss Ruby Ribbons x



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