Pinup, Retro & Vintage Shopping

Hello Lovely Pinups,

Firstly I must apologise as I’ve been a little bit behind on my blogs recently. I have a lot of catching up to do. The last month has been unexpectedly busy!vintage_vogue_1940s

Due to a number of lovely emails asking where I shop for my vintage dresses I thought I would put together a little list of websites that I purchase some of my outfits from (but don’t worry the Makeup Blog will be back next week). These websites & stores are where I find some of my vintage treasures. I’ve only listed some of my favourites as I couldn’t possibly give away all my little shopping spots. So here goes……

Reproduction Vintage & Pinup:


Reproduction Vintage Lingerie

Hair Flowers & Hats:

Costumiers & Burlesque:

3490302691_edd97a4fceTips & Tricks for Finding Real Vintage

When you are shopping for the real deal vintage pieces remember to be persistent, as you may not always find what you are looking for right away. Vintage shopping really is like the thrill of the chase so don’t give up! Unlike vintage reproduction clothing, genuine vintage pieces are now one-off items & don’t necessarily match todays sizing charts. Therefore be prepared, have a little card in your purse with your bust & waist measurements on it. Doing this will save you time rather than attempting to work out the size. Always keep your eyes peeled for one-off vintage items as you never know what you may find. I have found some of my most treasured vintage dresses by simply stopping by my local vintage stores on a lazy Sunday. If you feel comfortable doing so make yourself known to vintage stores. Ask the vintage store if they can let you know if any items come into the store that match your style. Most vintage stores are more than happy to do this. As we all come in many shapes & sizes it is helpful to find yourself a seamstress or tailor that you trust & who understands how delicate vintage clothing is. Having a trusted seamstress or tailor make adjustments to your vintage pieces will ensure you can wear them comfortably & enjoy them without hiding them away in a wardrobe.

Happy Shopping!

Miss Ruby Ribbons x


Beautiful Blushing Pin-Up Cheeks

Hello Lovely Pinups,

There is nothing quite like a touch of blush or a dab of pink to finish off your beautiful Vintage Inspired Makeup look. A little goes a long way when it comes to applying & perfecting blush, but lucky for us ladies applying blush isn’t too hard at all.AP1338-blush-rose-cosmetics-advert-1949

There are a few types of Blushers available. Powder & Creme Blushers are the most readily available. However for Vintage inspired Makeup Powder Blusher tends give the desired effect of a much smoother & blended finish. But of course if Creme Blusher is what you prefer to use then by all means go ahead & use what works best for you.

Oh the Choices!

Just like the shade of your foundation, it is essential that you choose a shade of Blusher that compliments your beautiful skin tone. Blusher is designed to accent your stunning cheeks, add definition to your face & leave you perfectly glowing!

Here is a little tip to keep in mind when you are selecting that perfect shade of Blusher; If you have a pale skin tone use a deeper or more pigmented shade of pink, peach or coral (but avoid red shades). If you have a deeper or more tanned skin tone then select less pigmented or lighter shades of peaches or deep pinks. These shades will highlight your cheek bones & enhance your natural skin tone.

If you are in doubt as to what colour to select, make a fist with your hand, squeeze tightly  for approximately ten seconds, then release. Look at the colour of your fingertips. This is the colour of blusher you should aim for. It sounds awfully silly but it works a treat every time.

Which Brush for the Blush?

Using a good quality brush made from natural fibers is the best option. These types of brushes are much softer on your skin & are less likely to lose bristles on your beautifully perfected makeup. If you have naturally angular cheek bones like I do then it is best to use a round shaped Blusher Brush, as this will soften your cheeks. If you have naturally softer or less prominent cheek bones it is best use a slanted or angular Blusher Brush. Doing so will create extra definition to your cheeks with little to no effort.

Let the Colour Begin

Once you have applied your foundation &  powder it is then time to apply your Blusher. If possible apply your blusher in natural light rather than in artificial lighting. Artificial lightening can sometimes distort the colour & intensity of your makeup.

  1. Ensure that you Blusher Brush is clean & free from any previous Blusher build up.
  2. If you are using a rounded brush gently & lightly rub the brush over the Blusher Pan in a circular motion. If you are using an angled or slanted Brush gently and lightly run the Brush from the top to the bottom of the Blusher Pan. Less is always more when it comes to Makeup. To begin with always use as little blush as possible. You can always go back to add more later.
  3. Once you have Blusher on the Brush gently tap the handle of the Brush against your wrist to remove any excess Blusher. You will be surprised at just how much excess Blusher falls away.
  4. Look directly into the mirror & smile with your lips pressed together. Doing so will allow the apples of your cheeks to become more visible. This is now your guide for where to dust your Blusher. The location & direction in which you apply your blusher will depend greatly on your face shape. Be careful not to create a solid line or block of colour  when applying your Blusher. Step back from the mirror to ensure each cheek is even. Add any extra colour if needed.
    • Round Face Shape: Avoid applying Blusher onto the apples of your cheeks. Instead contour your face by sweeping the blush up & along your cheek bone until you reach your hairline.
    • Square Face Shape: Sweep your Blusher below your cheekbone & straight back towards your ear.
    • Oblong Face Shape: Sweep your Blusher ever so slightly above the apples of your cheeks & out towards the your hairline. 
    • Oval Face Shape: Oval Faces are the most even in shape therefore the application of your Blusher can vary somewhat. Apply your blusher in a sweeping motion either on the apples of your cheeks or along the cheek bones.
    • Heart Face Shape: Apply your Blusher in sweeping motions just below the apples of your cheeks & blend downwards towards your ear.
  5. Once you are happy with the application & colour of your Blusher. Take a round Powder Brush that is free from Powder & gently buff the edges of your Blusher. Doing this will allow your blush to blend flawlessly into your foundation to create a natural finish.
An example of Face Shapes & the Application of Blusher

An example of Face Shapes & the Application of Blusher

NOTE: If you have applied too much blusher by mistake, don’t worry. Take a cotton pad & gently rub it across the top of your Pressed Powder Pan. Then dab over the top of your Blusher. Gently buff out with your clean Powder Brush. No one will ever know the difference.

A Blushing Pinup Doll

Traditionally in Vintage Inspired Makeup & especially so in Pin-Up Makeup the middle of the cheek or apples of the cheeks are a slightly more of an intensive colour in comparison to the rest of the cheeks. It’s completely up to you if you wish to do this or not.

To create these Pin-Up cheeks follow the below step:

  1. After blending & buffing your blusher, take a small round Brush & dab two or three times into your Blusher Pan, tap off excess & gently dab the brush over the first ¾ of where you started your blush from (this starting point will depend on your face shape). Buff out towards your ear with a clean Powder Brush.

As with all my Makeup Products I tend to mix & match as the mood strikes, so below is a list of some of my current favorite products for creating my Blushing Pinup Cheeks:

Lancome Slanted Highlighting/Blush Brush
Mac Round Powder Brush
MAC High Lighter/Blush Brush
Dior Kabuki Brush (For blending & buffing)
NARS Blush in Desire (For Pinup Cheeks)
Clarins Cream Blush in Deep Pink (Not aviable in Australia or NZ)
MAC Pro Longer Powder Blush in Whole Lotta (Pink)
Benefit Cosmetics Brightening Blush in Bella Bumba (Peachy Pink Shade)
Dior Blush Glowing Powder in A Touch of Blush
Lancome Shimmer Glow Blush in Peach Shine (Limited Edition, not sure if still available)
Dior Translucent Pressed Setting Powder
Clarins Shine Stopper Translucent Powder (For blending & buffing) 


It is always a lovely delight to receive all your Makeup questions & lovely emails. I’m a little behind on the creation of the Miss Ruby Ribbons Website, however once it is up & running it will be a great deal easier to submit questions & follow the blog.

Thanks for your wonderful support & if you have any questions regarding the application of Blusher please feel free to let me know via email or on the Miss Ruby Ribbons Facebook Page.

Bye for now! 

Miss Ruby Ribbons x


Wonderfully Delightful Vintage Winged Eyeliner

225275_490891297637474_1377201248_nHello Lovely Pinups,

An exciting feature to any Vintage Inspired or Pinup Makeup look is the characteristic Winged Eyeliner or otherwise known as the ‘Cats Eyes’ of the 1950’s. This is a Makeup look that the stunning Marilyn Monroe mastered & made her own. Vintage Winged Eyeliner is achieved with the use of Liquid Eyeliner & a little bit of practice. Creating those perfect flicks with your Eyeliner seems like a tricky task at first, however with a little bit of practice you will have mastered the look in no time.

There are two main types of Liquid Eyeliners that are the most effective in achieving the Winged Eyeliner look. These are the Gel Eyeliner & the Pen Eyeliner. Gel Eyeliner is typically in a pot or in a jar & is accompanied with a fine tip eyeliner brush. Pen Eyeliner has a fine firm point just as a felt tip pen does. Both Gel & Pen Eyeliners are just as effective as each other for Vintage styles. It really does just come down to your own personal preference & which Eyeliner achieves the best results for you. So go ahead & experiment with both. You never know until you give it a go!

Let us Begin

Once you have applied your beautiful Foundation & Eye Shadow it is time to begin with the Eyeliner. Look straight ahead into the mirror to ensure your Eye Shadow is evenly shaded & blended. If your Eye Shadow is not evenly shaded or blended it can create the illusion of your Eyeliner being uneven or patchy.

Perfecting the Point

If you are using a Gel Eyeliner ensure that the brush is clean & free from any cakey build up that could transfer to your eyelid. If you are using a Pen Eyeliner draw two straight lines on the back of your hand, this is to ensure that the tip is still accurate & fine. If the tip isn’t take a tissue & a small amount of warm water to wipe the Eyeliner tip clean. Repeat the test on the back of your hand. Well taken care of brushes & products will make your eyeliner a great deal less difficult to apply.

NOTE: Make it a rule to clean your Eyeliner & Mascara after each & every use. Doing so will help to lessen the chance of any nasty bacteria forming that could damage your pretty eyes. This is especially important if you wear contact lenses like I do.

Going Dotty

  1. Look straight ahead into the mirror; ensure that your chin is slightly raised & that your pupils are fixed straight ahead with your eyebrows relaxed. This will allow your eyelids to almost create a mirror position to each other.
  2. Decide how high you would like the final point of the wing to be on the outside of the eye (avoid going past the end of your eyebrow).
  3. Once you have decided on the position take the tip of your Eyeliner & place a small dot in the desired position. Do the same on your other eye.
  4. Step back for a moment to check that the dots are even in terms of height & length in accordance to the eye. This is a vital step in getting your Eyeliner even & to finish at the same point.
  5. Now take your Eyeliner & place another small dot on the inside corner of your eye lid. This will be the point at which your eyeliner will begin. Step back & ensure that your eyeliner is even. Traditionally vintage eyeliner begins in the inner most corner of your eye. But of course you can do what works best for you.
  6. Look straight ahead into the mirror again, place a small dot above the most middle point of your pupil at a height & thickness that you desire your Eyeliner to be. However do remember it is a great deal easier to start with a thin line & work your way up to a thicker line rather than having to remove any excess Eyeliner. This middle dot will create the highest point for your arch. You now should have three dots on each eye.

Connecting the Dots

If you have a shaky hand steady your hand by lightly resting your elbow on a table or place the base of your hand on your check bone. But don’t anchor either of these too solidly as you will still need to have some flexibility to move back & forth easily across your eyelid. If you do get any wiggly lines don’t worry too much, you can come back later to correct these.

  1. Take your eyeliner tip & place this on the inner most corner dot, with short small strokes following the natural curve of the eye begin drawing outwards towards the middle dot. Start this line low & as close as possible to your lash line. Doing this will avoid any gaps between your lashes & your Eyeliner.
  2. Once you have met the middle dot pause to check the evenness of the line. Continue on towards the outside dot using small even strokes as you did before. Don’t go past the final outside dot. Repeat on both eyes.
  3. Now step back, check for any unevenness, correct any wiggly lines. Even up or thicken the line if necessary.

A lovely friend of mine recently gave me some advice “Remember that your eyes are sisters not twins.” Therefore you must not worry too much if your eyeliner is slightly different in thickness. We are often our own worst critics, chances are no one else will notice if your Eyeliner isn’t perfectly identical on both of your eyes.

NOTE: If you accidently create any smudges or ridges in your eyeliner take a fine cotton tip & lightly dip it into some Eye-Makeup remover. Gently erase away any mishaps. Touch up your Eye Shadow & Eyeliner. Now it is as good as new!

Wonderful Winged Eyes

Now that you have your Eyeliner line it is time to create the signature vintage thick wing on the outer most corner of your eye (refer to the below image as a guide if necessary).

  1. Place the point of the Eyeliner above where the white of your eye & the pupil meet.
  2. With one steady sweep of the Eyeliner move it downwards to where the Eyeliner line meets the outer most point. Using one steady sweep of the Eyeliner will create a more defined line to the top of the wing. You should now have a curvy triangle like shape that curves upwards towards your eyebrow. Once again the height & thickness is completely up to you.
  3. Fill in the space inside the triangle with eyeliner, carefully avoiding going outside of the lines.
  4. Repeat this process on the other eye & ensure they are both even in thickness & height.

You did it! Step back from the mirror and admire your fantastic Winged Eyeliner that you just created!

An example of Winged Eyeliner & the process of filling in the gaps

An example of Winged Eyeliner & the process

NOTE:  If the wing has not come to a fine point touch it up with some Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton tip, then redraw the tip of the wing in the correct location.

Finishing Touches

Allow your eyeliner to settle for a moment as if can often absorb some of your Eye Shadow. If this does happen, delicately retouch the patchy areas with more eyeliner. Now apply your mascara.

A wonderful little tip to enhance your Winged Eyeliner is to apply two or three extra coats to the outer corner top lashes to intensify their length and enhance your Eyeliner Wings. But be careful to not get those lovely eyelashes clumpy.

Winged Eyeliner can really make your eyes stand out & create a very feminine over all look to your makeup. Experiment & don’t be disheartened if you don’t always get your Eyeliner perfect each time. There are always going to be those days when your Eyeliner just won’t go the way you had hoped it would. Just like other makeup products you can have a great deal of fun with different Liquid Eyeliner colours & textures, there is green, blue, pink, gold, glitters & the list goes on.  I often use a silver Liquid Eyeliner during Burlesque to create a more metallic look to my eyes but stick to my trusty black Eyeliner for everyday makeup.

Some of the Products that I use to create my Vintage Winged Eyeliner:
(I tend to mix & match my Eyeliners & Mascaras a great deal, but the below products are my current favourites)

Too Faced Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer
Too Faced Cosmetics Mascara “Lash Gasm” in Black 

Lancôme Gel Pot Liner in Deep Black (Not available in Australia or New Zealand)
Chanel Slanted Eyeliner Brush
Clarins Eye Shadow Smudge Brush (For blending out any wiggly lines)
MAC Penultimate Eyeliner Pen in Rapid Black
Clarins Water Proof Eye Makeup Remover
Dior Show Mascara (Waterproof) in Black
Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real” Mascara in Black
MAC Makeup Brush Cleaner
Bloom Glitter Eyeliner in Lucky Star Glitter

older ads

As always lovely Pinups I truly do hope this blog helps you when applying & perfecting your Vintage Inspired Eyeliner! I love reading your amazing feedback, so please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like for me to feature something in my blog for next time.

Don’t forget that you can follow me on Facebook at

Miss Ruby Ribbons x

Perfect Pinup Foundation for a Vintage Look

Hello Lovely Pinups,

Foundation is the canvas for any Vintage Makeup look. There are a few important steps to achieving the perfect foundation to compliment your glamorous skin. The key to foundation is to enhance your natural beauty, so try not to think of your foundation as a mask but rather more of a tool to enhance your stunning features.

There is no right or wrong way to select or to apply foundation. Foundation like other makeup products is a personal preference so do what works best for you & most importantly do what makes you feel beautiful! Below are just a few of my tips & tricks for choosing & applying foundation to achieve a basic Vintage Makeup look. Feel free to adapt these to suit your preference & style. I have supplied a list at the bottom of this page with a selection of products that I use to achieve my look.


First things first, get to know that amazing skin of yours. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating liquid or a cream foundation. If you have oily skin, then a mineral, powder or oil-free liquid foundation is best. If your skin is normal to combination choose a foundation that is water based or feels comfortable on your skin. There are a few factors to consider about the finished look that you are hoping to achieve. These include, the amount of coverage you expect from your foundation (light, medium or full coverage) & the foundation finish (matte or dewy). Vintage Makeup looks traditionally have a matte finish apposed to a dewy finish.

Unmasking your hidden Undertone:

Before selecting your foundation it is important to establish the undertone of your skin. Doing this will help you to achieve that perfect colour match, allowing your foundation to seamlessly blend into your gorgeous skin.
The undertone of your skin is the subtle hint of colour that appears under your natural skin tone.
There are many variations but all of us ladies generally fit into one of three categories of either; warm, neutral or cool undertones.

The easiest way to discover your undertone is to look at the skin on the inside of your wrist. Does the colour of your wrist appear to be more pink, yellow or is it somewhere in-between?

Pink = Cool Undertones
Yellow = Warm Undertones
Somewhere in-between = Neutral Undertones

If looking at your wrist doesn’t prove helpful, take a piece of pink or yellow fabric, press it against your lower cheek. Which ever colour matches your skin the closet is your undertone colour. If neither of the colours match then you have a neutral undertone. My beautiful Nana taught me this little trick & it works a treat every time!

Remember undertones are subtle, therefore don’t be discouraged if you can’t find your undertone at first glance.

Let the fun begin!

It is essential that your foundation matches both your skin tone & your undertone to ensure a flawless match to your skin. For example I look for a foundation that matches both my pale skin tone & my neutral undertone. Most good quality foundations are created with a pink, yellow or neutral base colour, this allows you to narrow down your selection a tiny bit. When deciding between foundations, choose three foundation colours that you think best match your skin. With a foundation brush apply three strokes of each colour on your lower cheek from your ear to your chin. Using a mirror step outside into natural light. Which ever of the three colours blends or disappears into your skin the most is the best match for you! If all three of the colours stand out then start over with another three colours. Take your time when finding that perfect foundation.

NOTE: Viewing foundation colours on your skin in natural light apposed to artificial light will provide you with a truer colour match.

If you struggle to find a perfect match to your skin tone then don’t be afraid to mix the two foundation colours together that most closely matched your skin tone. This will create your own foundation colour. We are all unique so it only makes sense that our foundations should be too.

Perfect Pinup Preparation:

Preparing your skin is an essential part of any makeup routine & ensures your foundation remains flawless through out the day whilst protecting your skin at the same time.

  1. Cleanse, tone & moisturise your skin using your favourite products. Allow approximately 5 minutes for your moisturiser to absorb into your skin. Doing this will prevent your primer/foundation mixing with your moisturiser & slipping all around your face.
  2. Apply a facial sunscreen. This is essential for protecting your skin against the sun & other elements.
  3. Apply a small amount of foundation base or primer over the surface of your skin. Always starting at your nose & working outwards. Using a foundation base or primer helps to absorb any excess oil on your skin & helps to create a smooth surface for your foundation application. Allow a few minutes for the base or primer to settle before applying foundation.

Clever Concealer:

For Vintage Makeup looks it’s best to use a matte concealer that is approximately one shade darker than your foundation colour & a Brightening Concealer for under the eye area. This ensures an all over even coverage & colour.

  1. Using a small concealer brush lightly dab concealer on any imperfections (Don’t worry we all have them!). Give special attention to blending the concealer in to the surrounding areas. Doing this prevents patches of concealer becoming visible under your foundation.
  2. Use a Brightening Concealer for under your eyes. These types of concealers are slightly thicker & have wonderful brightening properties to lighten dark circles under your eyes. Using a foundation sponge lightly dab the Brightening Concealer under your eyes, being carful to only use a small amount. Using too much can cause a build up of product under your eye.
  3. Allow the under eye concealer to settle for a few minutes then lightly dab with pressed powder on a cotton pad to set the concealer in place. (Apply foundation over the top as per below).

Application Time!

Use as little foundation as possible to start with. You can always touch up & add more foundation as you go along.

  1. Using a foundation sponge or brush start by applying your foundation to your nose as this is the centre most point of your face. Work your foundation outwards from here in soft sweeping motions. Then move onto your chin & jaw, again working outwards using sweeping motions. Gently blend your foundation down your neck to prevent a “mask of foundation” forming. Once complete move onto your forehead and work your foundation out and across, avoiding your hairline. Ensure all areas of your face are evenly covered.
  2. Lightly apply foundation to your eye lids & surrounding areas. Be gentle to avoid causing any redness or irritation to your eye area.
  3. Touch up any areas that may require any extra coverage with a foundation sponge.
  4. To achieve the porcelain pinup look, dust over the top of your foundation with pressed or loose matte translucent powder. Using a large powder brush to do this will ensure an even coverage of powder. I find that pressed powder is a great deal less messy than using a loose powder…..especially if you’re a Pinup in a hurry!
  5. Set your foundation in place by using a makeup setting spray. If you don’t have a makeup setting spray then lightly spray your foundation with hairspray. Hairspray works wonderfully to hold your foundation in place, but be mindful that it can be dehydrating for your skin if exposed to sunlight or air-conditioning. Oh & be sure to avoid getting it in your eyes!

NOTE: You can apply your foundation in a number of different ways. You can use a foundation brush, a foundation sponge or your finger tips. Experiment to establish which application method allows you to create the seamless foundation finish.

These are just a few of the basics of foundation selection & application. Experimenting with colours, textures & coverage is the best way to achieve a foundation look that you feel comfortable with. So don’t feel silly to sit in front of your mirror at home & try different looks or methods of application. Have fun with your makeup!

For my everyday Vintage Makeup look I keep my foundation matte, with red lips & winged eyeliner. However when I’m performing in a Burlesque production or appearing in a photo shoot I tend to incorporate more colours & sparkles into my Vintage Makeup look. So don’t be afraid to adapt your classic vintage looks for different occasions. There are some fantastic resources & examples on the internet of vintage makeup, do your research & adapt specific vintage looks into your own style. Practice makes a Perfect Pinup!


Some of the products that I use to create my Pinup Foundation look

MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation in NC15 (daily wear, light coverage)
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15 (performance, photographic & heavy coverage)
Lancôme Maquimat Foundation in 01 (daily wear)
Chanel Poudre Universelle (pressed powder)
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW15 (daily wear)
MAC Studio Care Blend Pressed Powder in Light Plus (performance, photographic & heavy coverage)
Clarins Shine Stopper Powder (daily touch ups)
MAC Prep + Prime Foundation Base (daily wear)
Lancôme La Base Pro Foundation Base (performance, photographic)
Benefit Pore-fissional, pore minimising base
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NC20
Clarins Instant Light Under Eye Concealer
YSL Touche Éclat, Highlighter (under eyes)
Benefit Erase Paste Brightening Concealer in Light
Clarins Make-Up Fix Spray
Clarins Multi-Active Day Lotion SPF 15
Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen Lotion SPF 30+ (Facial Sunscreen)
Clarins Multi-Active Serum
Lancôme Kabuki Powder Brush
Dior Concealer Brush (Fine Tip)

Choosing & applying a foundation doesn’t have to be a chore!
I really do hope this helped to answer some of those tricky foundation questions! If not please feel free to email me. I enjoy reading your emails via the feed back forms & on the Miss Ruby Ribbons Facebook page, so please do keep them coming!

Keep a look out for the Miss Ruby Ribbons website coming this week. I will be linking all photos & blog posts to the website once complete.

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Miss Ruby Ribbons x


Red Lippy Tips for a Vintage Look

Hello Lovely Pinups,

After receiving many wonderful emails asking me how to create the perfect red lips for Vintage & Pinup looks, I’ve decided to create a blog with some of my tips and tricks that I’ve learnt as a Makeup Artist & Pinup Model. There is no right or wrong way to apply your lipstick, have a go & adapt techniques to suit you and your preferred look.

Towards the bottom of this page I have supplied a list of products that I use to create my Ruby Red Lips. However these are always changing as I discover new products. So once again experiment with what works for you!

Preparation is the key!

A smooth surface is best to apply your red lippy (or any lipstick colour for that matter). This will make your finished look far more polished and will allow your lippy to stay put longer without flaking.

Here are two of my favorite methods for polishing those pinup lips:

  • After a shower when your lips are soft from the warm water, take a new dry tooth brush & gently rub it across the surface of your lips. This process removes any flaking skin and helps to brighten the surface of your lips. Apply your favorite lip balm once complete.


  • Two to three times a week use a sugar scrub on your lips to remove any dryness & dull areas. Rub the scrub across your lips gently then rinse off with warm water. Apply your favorite lip balm to seal in the moisture.

NOTE: Both methods are best done at night time before going to sleep. After all what is another 5mins added to your vintage nightly beauty routine.

Your lips will be smooth & glowing within no time!

Let the out-lining begin!

Your lip liner is just as important as you lipstick. It helps to create the perfect lip line and prevent that beautiful lippy bleeding! Red Lipstick does have a tendency to bleed or run more than other colours, however this is nothing that a little preparation can’t fix….so don’t let it put you off!

Choose a red lip liner that is as close to the shade of your choosen red lippy as possible. Doing this will prevent any nasty miss matched outline when your lippy wears off during eating, drinking or those lovely chats with the ladies!

  1. Apply a lip base or primer to your lips. Try to avoid using any greasy or high shine lip balms as this can cause your red lippy to bleed.
  2. Bottom Lip: With a sharpened red lip liner gently out line your bottom lip, being careful not to go too far outside of your natural lip line.
  3. Top Lip: Place the sharpened point of the pencil at the highest point of your cupids bow, draw a line diagonally downwards until you reach the bottom of your top lip. Repeat on the other side until you have a small cross in the centre of  your top lip. This will create a perfect point for those vintage lips!
  4. Outline your top lip, ensuring the lines are even.
  5. Carefully colour in your top and bottom lip with your lip liner. This will help your lippy hold onto your lips longer but will also provide a more intense colour.

Let the Lippy Begin!

There are two basic types of lipstick finishes for vintage looks. Matte & Gloss. Choose which ever works best for you & the look that you are going for. Experimentation is your best friend!

I tend to use more Matte Reds for photo shoots and classic pinup looks & use the Gloss Reds for more seductive Burlesque looks.

  1. Gently coat a lip brush with your lipstick of choice, completely fill in your lips covering all areas outlined. Using a lip brush with such intense colours ensures a more precise and controlled finish, no going outside of those beautiful  lip lines!
  2. Intensify your lip colour by using the lip stick directly on your lips. Do this by dabbing the lippy gently in the middle of your top & bottom lip to create a pout effect.
  3. If your lipstick is more of a matte finish you can apply a clear lip gloss over the top to create a wet look.
  4. Fold a tissue in half and gently place between your lips to blot off any excuess lipstick.
  5. Dab a small amount of liquid highlighter between the two points of your cupids bow, this will create more depth to your lips.

NOTE: If any lipstick or liner has been smudged outside of you lip area, carefully take a small amount of concealer on an sponge eye shadow applicator & dab away the red. Apply a small amount of foundation & powder over the top of the correction.

Remember keep you lipstick in your handbag for any little touch ups.

Practice really does make perfect when applying Red Lipstick. There are many methods of application out there, so mix & match until you find something that works for you!   

Some of the products I use to achieve my Ruby Red Pinup lips:

LUSH Bubblegum Flavour Sugar Lip Scrub
Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream (my lip balm of choice after a lip scrub)
MAC Pro Base for Lips
MAC Red Lip Liner Pencil in Cherry
Lancôme Le Crayon Contour des Levres in Berry
MAC Lipstick in Ruby Roo or Russian Red (Matte Finish)
Dior Serum De Rouge in 840 (Gloss Finish)
Estee Lauder High Gloss Ultra Shine in 01 Clear
Lancôme Juicy Tube 95 Marshmellow Electro
Clarins Retractable Lip Brush
Mac Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener
Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector (Liquid Highlighter)

It's not necessary to stick to this colour chart, however it can be helpful if you are new at buying Red Lipstick x

It’s not necessary to stick to this colour chart, however it can be helpful if you are new at buying Red Lipstick x

I truly hope this helped answer some of the red lipstick questions. Please feel free to ask me any questions. If you have any tips or products I should try let me know!

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